As a direct result of our corporate growth and success, our robust capital improvement budget provides continuous infrastructure investments such as roads, utilities and Dublink Broadband, Dublin’s 125 mile City-owned underground looped fiber-optic system.

Investing in Dublin

The City of Dublin can partner to provide necessary road and utility improvements. Our Five-Year Capital Improvements budget that is robust and flexible. The City has more than 20 established Tax Increment Financing districts, which have already funded significant improvements to our public infrastructure.

Dublink Broadband

The City of Dublin possesses 125 miles of 96 single-mode optical fibers looping throughout Central Ohio, also known as Dublink Broadband. These optical fibers are placed within underground conduit throughout the entire system. A pair of optical fibers is valued at $200,000, not counting the ongoing avoided costs of owning/operating your own broadband system. These optical fibers can provide a unique opportunity to interconnect multiple facilities within reasonable proximity to the optical fiber route.


The City is willing to consider financial incentives to assist with land acquisition, which could buy-down or potentially eliminate initial land expense commitments. The City controls land in several business districts that may be available as an incentive.


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