Dublink Fiber Optics

High speed fiber optics offered to businesses located in Dublin Business Districts

Are you looking to grow or expand your business and need an ultra-high speed fiber network beyond 1 gigabit? How about up to 100 gigabits?

The Dublink Transport 100 Gig fiber network is available to small and medium-size businesses in commercial offices located in the Metro Office Park – Upper Metro Place, Metro Place North and Metro Place South. The City of Dublin is subsidizing up to 100 gig business broadband benefits to attract and grow technology and health care businesses seeking lightning-speed access to data. Companies have access to 13 internet carriers without having to pay for the transport infrastructure and can negotiate the most competitive monthly price for the highest quality internet from their carrier of choice.

Learn more about the 100 gigabit network or about locating your business to Metro Office Park.

What is Dublink?

Dublink is 125 miles of fiber optics that run underground throughout Dublin and many surrounding Central
Ohio communities. This City-owned network makes the City of Dublin the best-connected community in Central Ohio and has brought attention to the city in the form of recognition as a top national and global broadband rich environment. Dublink’s ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency network connectivity is capable of delivering business traffic at the speed of light and provides a superior choice of service providers and global carrier networks.

How do we connect to Dublink in our building?

Beginning 4th quarter 2015, the City of Dublin will be installing Dublink Transport network equipment into
buildings within the Metro Center Business District. Dublink Transport consists of an underground high-speed fiber lateral that connects to the Dublink fiber network through an edge device within your building. Individual office suites can connect to Dublink through an optical fiber or copper line to the Dublink edge device.

Should I keep my current Internet Service Provider?

Dublink Transport provides connectivity to most major Internet Service Providers. You can keep your existing provider, choose a new one, or augment your current provider with a blended offering which provides Internet connectivity through multiple service providers. Simply put, you can connect anyway you want.

What Internet Service Provider /networks are available to me?

AT&T, Central Ohio Research Network, CenturyLink, Columbus FiberNet, Dublink, Internet 2, Level 3, Lightower Fiber Networks, OARnet, Planet1 Networks, Sprint, Time Warner Business Class, TW Telecom, US Signal, Windstream, XO Communications, and more.

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