Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC)

The DEC is an energetic, professional hub dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurs and growing businesses in Dublin, Ohio.

The DEC’s Digs

Not all start-ups are created equal. Without resources that allow them to move from their favorite coffee shop or home basement office to an impressive office location, their companies can lose the ability to retain talent and business opportunities. The DEC is proud to offer a Class A, professional environment for start-ups of all financial statures to convey legitimacy and foster a collaborative environment. Whether it is a one person company or a start-up with 6-7 people, affordable community “hot spots”, cubicles or traditional office systems are available to lease. The modern, progressive design of the DEC offices allow for a community feel among tenants, with a variety of amenities. Find out more at decindublin.com

Rev1 Ventures

Access to Rev1 Ventures located at the DEC, a partnership that has yielded $30 million in investments, other grant or debt financing and follow-on investment to Dublin companies.

Thriving Resources

  • Extensive contacts in a variety of sectors, including technology, green and international
  • Constant flow of collaborators and sponsors, willing to provide free training to DEC tenants
  • Elite partnerships with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Columbus State and Metro Data Center, a local leader in strategic business development
  • IT infrastructure
  • Unlimited opportunities to network and collaborate with over 100 DEC tenants
  • Reputable exclusivity as the largest entrepreneurial center in the Columbus region
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