Dublink Fiber Optics

Dublink is 125 miles of fiber optics that run underground throughout Dublin and many surrounding Central Ohio communities. The Dublink network makes Dublin the best-connected community in Central Ohio and is globally recognized as a broadband rich environment.

Dublink can provide a unique opportunity for businesses to interconnect multiple facilities in the Central Ohio region within reasonable proximity to the optical fiber route.

Dublink provides access OARnet, the Central Ohio Research Network (CORN), the Ohio SuperComputer, and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) rack. GENI is a virtual laboratory for exploring future internets and global networks. Dublin is one of very few cities in the U.S. with access to a GENI rack.

Dublink 100GB – Transport (Lateral)

Dublink Transport is the Dublink lateral connection that allows highspeed data to be carried from a workplace back to a data center at no cost to the business. This represents monthly cost savings to the company in the form of avoided carrier costs. Such cost savings are estimated to be $400/month or $14,400/3year for 10Mbps level of service; $800/month or $28,800/3year for 100Mbps level of service; and $2000/month or $72,000/3year for 1Gbps level of service.

Dublink Transport provides an ultra-high performance network up to 100 Gigabits, is carrier-neutral, provides a vast choice of networks, and provides a state-of-the-art Point of Presence (POP).