FitBiz Corporate Wellness

FitBiz is a complimentary consulting service offered exclusively for Dublin businesses and organizations. Whether you already have an existing program in place or are just starting out, we’ll design customized corporate wellness solutions that address your employees’ needs and your company’s overall wellness goals.

Choose from a la carte programs that fit into your current wellness strategy, or let us create a comprehensive program. We support you with nationally certified trainers and instructors, registered dietitians and experienced health professionals who are passionate about making positive change in your company.

Workplace Wellness

Corporate wellness programs have been proven to foster a more positive workplace culture, attract workforce, retain employees, and directly impact the organization’s bottom line through fewer sick days and lower medical costs. Healthy employees are more productive and have higher job satisfaction.

Wellness that Works

In its first year, FitBiz earned the highest recognition from the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association in the health/wellness category. FitBiz is a first-of-its-kind wellness solution in a long list of corporate services offered by the City of Dublin to help businesses thrive. Leading by example, the City’s Healthy by Choice wellness program saved over $8M in the past three years alone (2015-2017) and has been recognized by the American Heart Association, Ohio Department of Health, United Healthcare, and Healthiest Employer.

Find the Right Fit

FitBiz corporate wellness programs customized to your company culture, budget and goals include:

  • Group Fitness and Yoga Classes
  • Wellness Workshops and Presentations
  • Health Coaching
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Corporate Membership Discounts
  • Nutrition Services
  • Stretch and Activity Breaks
  • Incentive Challenge Design
  • Nature Education and Wellness Walks
  • Corporate Volunteer Opportunities
  • Costs vary based on selected programs

“FitBiz has helped us find and maintain a workout momentum perfectly balanced with work activities”

Anagha VyasCenter Head, Persistent Systems Inc

“Any Dublin business would benefit from utilizing this amazing and affordable resource”

Abby GruberT-CETRA, Employee Relations/Wellness Coach

Get Started

Show your employees that you care about their health and empower them to make positive choices.  Whether you choose one program or several, your investment will benefit both your employees and your bottom line.

Mollie Steiner, M.S. is the City of Dublin’s Recreation Administrator for corporate and community wellness. In addition to several group fitness certifications, Mollie holds a Master’s degree from Miami University in Exercise Science and is passionate about providing education that helps people on their journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

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